Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ministry of Magic // The Parselmouths // ALL CAPS

Clicky clicky! Listen listen! It's me, at the wrock concert I attended yesterday. Also, a minor correction—I didn't end up interviewing Matt from The Whomping Willows (or his girlfriend Lauren from The Moaning Myrtles) but they both promised a Skype interview for Mehera and myself in the fall, so look for that. Also look this fall for our interview with ALL CAPS. After the show, they let me and Sara (my lovely Grinnellian) carry their mic stands and their guitars! I carried Luke Conard's guitar!! YAY ALL CAPS!

Speaking of which, ALL CAPS = Luke Conard from Ministry of Magic + Kristina Horner of The Parselmouths. Look them up. Buy their music. It's great. They're great.

love sara

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