Thursday, September 23, 2010

Read about us in The Pioneer!

This week in Whitman College's student-run newspaper, The Pioneer, The Witching Hour was featured as the KWCW radio show of the week! It featured a short bio on the DJs, a history of the show, and some of our favorite tracks. Side note: Pio, we love you, but you need to work on your copy editing skillz. Also, you changed what we submitted. Uncool. If you're on campus, pick up a copy. If not, read it here:

Every Christmas the Weasley family gathers in their living room to listen to the latest hits on the Witching Hour. However, since the mysterious disappearance of the hosts of the Witching Hour from the Wizarding Wireless Network studios in Diagon Alley in 1998, Christmas has not been the same. Yet recent reports of wizard rock on the radio suggest the two hosts are alive and wrockin’. They appear to have relocated to Walla Walla, Washington and have taken the aliases of Mehera “this guitar is a horcrux” Nori and Sara “we r wizards” Rasmussen. Neither Mehera nor Sara are entirely certain how they ended up among muggles, but continue to celebrate the tales of their good friend Harry Potter and his triumph over He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. In January of 2010, Sara and Mehera revived their wizard rock radio programme for the sake of maintaining their wizard culture, and for the musical enjoyment of muggles. Wizard rock is an all-encompassing genre of (w)rock, (w)folk, (w)techno, (w)rap, and lyrics written to the tune of J.K. Rowling. Though Sara and Mehera are far from their home, the Weasleys are pleased to have the show back on the air (and on iTunes) once again.

Wizard Favorites:
“I am a Wizard” by Harry and the Potters
“Teenage Werewolf” by the Remus Lupins
“My Dad is Rich” by Draco and the Malfoys
“Ginny Gets Around” by Gred and Forge
“Voldemort, Peace Off!” by the Basilisk in Your Pasta

Catch The Witching Hour on Tuesdays from 3-4 p.m. on 90.5 FM Walla Walla, streaming online at, or as a podcast on iTunes. Visit our Facebook page or for more!

Look for our upcoming show, called Portus!, next week!


  1. I work for the pio and laid out A&E and therefore also this article. However, I hold no responsibility for copy editing. You guys wrock.