Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wrock wrenditions, upcoming cons, and more!

This week on the Witching Hour we play some new and old wrock "wrendition" favorites—coupled with some wrock that focuses specifically on the wizard wrock genre and a discussion on Harry Potter conferences. If they intrigue you, the next Wrockstock is this Halloween in Missouri, LeakyCon 2011 is over the weekend of the release of Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 in Orlando, and next year is Ascendio, also in Orlando. Interested? It's never too late to get involved in an online Harry Potter community! (Except maybe in the case of this year's LeakyCon, as conference tickets are starting to sell out!)

Season 3 - Episode 10 - Wrock Wrenditions & Meta-Wrock #3

But to get to the music.... this week's songs are:

"99 Deatheaters" by Draco and the Malfoys
"Weasley Family" by the Holyhead Harpies feat. Catchlove
"Eulogy, Book VI" by Philosopherock
"We're the Students at Hogwarts" by Catchlove
"I'll Follow their Son" by the Remus Lupins
"Whatever You Like" by DJ Ronald B
"Like It's Quidditch" by the Station
"Ginny is a Punk Rocker" by the Whomping Willows
"I've Just Seen a Witch" by Madam Pince and the Librarians
"Hey Remus" by the Whomping Willows
"This Book is So Awesome" by Harry and the Potters
"This Book is So Awesome" by Ministry of Magic
"In Which Draco and Harry Secretly Want to Make Out" by the Whomping Willows
"Draco and Harry" by Into the Pensieve
"Wrock Fangirl" by House of Black
"This is Never Going to End" by the Parselmouths
"Rock with a W" by Buckbeak's Flight
"Big Magic Wreggae Party" by Mimbulus Mimbletonia
"I'm Bringin' Sneakoscopes" by the Sneakoscopes
"Bring Back Richard Harris" by Harry Potter and the Magic of Music
"Wizard Rock Heartthrob" by the Whomping Willows
"Thanks for the Potter Puppet Pals" by Harry Potter and the Magic of Music
"Potter Addict" by House of Black
"For Jo" by RiddleTM
"Wizard Rock Twist" by the Remus Lupins
"Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock" by Harry and the Potters

Edit: Sorry guys, it looks like I accidentally published the "raw" version of Wrock Wrenditions & Meta-wrock #3. You may need to re-download it if you want to hear the pretty-fied, quality version in iTunes or above. (I've fixed the link so it plays the right one!)

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