Monday, September 12, 2011

End of an era (or is it?)

We're back for another season!!!! Yay yay yay wizard rock! Wizard rock forever!

The Witching Hour has loads of new music, stories, and more to share with you, dear listener. We'll be talking about Pottermore, reviewing Deathly Hallows part 2, airing our interview with Harry and the Potters, and hopefully getting into some super sweet discussions about the Potterverse, as usual.

This week we answer Oliver Boyd's song "End of an Era" with a resounding "Hey, no it's not!" Sure, things are changing, some aspects of wizard culture are changing, but it's not the end, not yet. But we still love the song.

So without further ado, the first episode of our FOURTH season:

Season 4 - Episode 1 - End of an era (or is it?)

"Harry Potter and the Remix of Death" by Mike Relm
"End of an Era" by Oliver Boyd & the Rememberalls
"Wizard Party Forever!!!" by the Whomping Willows
"A Phoenix Lament" & "Epilogue" by Ministry of Magic
"This is Never Going to End" by the Parselmouths
"The End" by the Remus Lupins
"When the Lights Go Out" by the Whomping Willows
"Post Potter Depression" by Lauren Fairweather
"Into the Night" by Ministry of Magic
"Hallelujah (The Boy That Lived)" by Talons & Tea Leaves
"Save Ginny Weasley from the House of Awesome" by Oliver Boyd & the Rememberalls
"My Dad is Rich" by Draco and the Malfoys
"The Firebolt (2010)" by Harry and the Potters
"House Elft 4 Life" by MC Kreacher
"Underwater" by the Giant Squidstravaganza
"Prefects are Hot" by the Moaning Myrtles
"For Those Who Are Desperate For Those Who Are Lost For Those Who Have Acne" by Bella's Love
"Problem Solving Skillz" by Harry and the Potters
"Insufferable Know-it-all Hermione Granger" by Gred and Forge
"Caught in your Devil's Snare" by Into the Pensieve
"Expelliarmus Kid" by Peeved
"Your Flying Car" by the Whomping Willows
"Whatever You Like" by DJ Ronald B
"The Weapon" by Harry and the Potters

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